On the Home Stretch…25 kLOC?

Wow. Has it really been two months since my last post? The calendar says yes.

I’ve been putting finishing touches on the manuscript, and as part of that exercise, I did a line count to see how much code we can say accompanies the book.

I was surprised to see it’s slightly more than 25,000 lines!

As a reminder, the source code resides in thisĀ Git repository.

The code frequently offers multiple versions of the same algorithm, but with this book, that’s the whole point. In some cases (e.g. the Reduction chapter), readers are walked through different versions of functionally-identical code, as part of the pedagogical exercise; in others (e.g. the N-body chapter), readers are encouraged to pick through the different versions and select the one that’s the closest fit with their application.

Line counts aren’t the best way to measure code complexity, but let no one say this book doesn’t offer much sample code for its readers.

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